11 Types of Fish to Eat For Healthy Lifestyles

Fish is one of the best sources of proteins in our diets. That means for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must include fish in your menu. They contain fatty acids, which are essential for our body’s health, for example, heart and brain organs. They also reduce inflammation, risks of heart diseases and are also beneficial for both prenatal and postnatal development.

You should eat fish such as lake trout, salmon and sardines at least twice a week. That’s because they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. However, you should also check the source of your fish. That’s because some may be contaminated with waste, for example, mercury.

The Food and Drug Association recommends that pregnant women should eat fish such as salmon, catfish and Pollock that have low levels of mercury. Children should also eat up to three servings of these types of fish. This guide shows you which fishes are the best to eat for healthy lifestyles. They are:


  • One type of fish to consider for a healthy lifestyle is the trout. However, you should consider buying farmed trout rather that the wild ones.
  • That’s because of the risk of contaminants. It’s also one fish that you can be sure is safe from environmental impacts.


  • Another type of fish to consider for a healthy lifestyle is the sardine. It’s oily and a good source of vitamins.
  • Consider those that are canned. That’s because, in addition to eating them whole, they are also easy to find, for example, the canned ones.


  • One of the best fish to eat is the salmon; for example farmed salmon or wild salmon. Keep in mind that although farmed salmon is slightly cheaper, it contains less mineral and vitamins.
  • It also has more saturated calories and fat per serving.

Striped Bass

  • You should also consider having the striped bass for a healthy diet. They can also be farmed or wild types.
  • They are full of flavors with a flaky texture. You should consider taking them as a result of their sustainable nature.


  • Cod fish are one of the best sources of niacin, phosphorus and Vitamin B-12. You should consider having this white fish that’s flaky in your daily menu.


  • Another good source of proteins is the herring fish. You should consider having it smoked for the best tastes.
  • You should also keep in mind that it has high sodium levels if smoked. That means you should take it in moderation.


  • Another type of fish to have in your daily menu is tilapia. That’s because it’s low in fats and rich in proteins.
  • It’s white in color with many nutritional benefits.

Mahi mahi

  • Mahi mahi is a tropical farm fish. It also one type of fish that you can prepare using any mode of cooking.
  • The United States Department of Agriculture recommends it as an excellent source of proteins.


  • Tuna is another type of fish to consume. You can take them canned or fresh.
  • One tip when buying them is choosing those that smell ocean-fresh and have a glossy color. They are also easy to prepare, for example, all you need is to sear them over high heat.


  • Mackerel is another type of fish that you should consider having in your diet. That’s because it’s a good source of healthy fats.
  • It also lowers blood pressure and reduces clogging of heart arteries.


  • Perch is another excellent type of fish to have in your recipe. Whether it comes from fresh water or ocean, this white fish with a mild taste should be in your daily menu.

What to Do

  • You should consider having fish several times in a week for the best health results. That’s because of their rich sources of both vitamins and proteins.
  • Expectant or breastfeeding mothers should consult doctors before taking any fish that might contain mercury. That because they might bring them adverse effects.
  • You should also visit your doctor if you experience any side effects after consuming fish. That’s because some people may be allergic to fish.
  • Consider those from wild or ocean sources. That’s because they have more vitamin and proteins when compared to farmed varieties.

Final Thoughts

Consuming fish significantly contributes to healthy lifestyles. That’s because they are white meat, meaning fewer fats. They are also a rich source of proteins and minerals. You should check your budget estimates to ensure that fish features in your diet.

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